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No Of Pages: 180

Brief Summary of the Book

The book revolves around a man in his late forties Brian Caskey, who was a police officer in Bangor in North Belfast, Ireland before a car bomb explosion killed his wife and forced him to take voluntary retirement from services. After leaving the police force Brian spends his time working as a Private Investigator, also taking medication and seeing a therapist who checks on his mental condition. While life seems to a little bland at the moment, with not much of anything interesting with the Private Investigator job. 

Chaser On The Rocks

Brian in the meanwhile is also writing a story set-up in the time of world war in which his lead character is a middle aged detective Billy Chapman, who is approached by the manager of the famous Causeway hotel for his services as a man named Frank McKenzie employed as a walking tour guide died mysteriously and his body found down by the rocks at the edge of the Causeway.

Did Brian get to the end the rubber band case and also was his character in the story Billy Chapman able to find out reason behind Frank’s Death …Well, we leave that to you by telling to grab a copy today.

Now let’s move on to the part where the real deal is..” Our Takes”..Ready…Here it comes..


After reading the first book by the Irishman Simon Maltman, Bongo Fury (internal linking) we were eagerly looking forward to his next work and when finally we got our hands on his next book we immediately wanted to review it for our fellow readers. 


The plot is clear and descriptive in which the narrator is the protagonist Brian Caskey himself describing the events of his day to day life going in line with the story he is writing in alternate chapters. The concept of running parallel stories is being seen in a lot of books these days and one really interesting thing in this book is the concept of a story within a story which has worked out to be great with respect to the clarity of the book. Instead of huge chunks of descriptive text and miles upon miles of dialogue, the story reads – and is formatted – like a simple and easy to understand narrative. The story builds up at a gradual pace neither it seems too fast or too slow, and the readers can possibly guess that in a plot of 180 pages the part involving investigation (Billy Chapman part) will not be a long one with series of clues piled on top of each other eventually leading to the conclusion, the story with its own share of interesting events with an engaging plot, frequent doses of quirky humour and a climax in the end worthy of adaptation in a movie is surely a delight for the readers.


The characters in the book are well defined and well into perspective. The lead character Brian Caskey is introduced as a mid-forty guy trying to find out some purpose to spend his time better than alternating between therapist and his medications. Brian is described as a person who takes up writing more for mental soothing as something he enjoys doing rather than a professional writer which reflects in his story. 

The book doesn’t have many secondary characters and mostly revolves around the development of Brian and Billy but the author adds enough descriptors to the dialogue to bring the characters to life physically as well as emotionally and mentally.


The language is simple and easy to understand as it was in the case of bongo fury. The author uses descriptive language in this book to create powerful and vivid imagery for its readers, especially when the author mentions the name of streets and places it engages the reader throughout the book. The reader is easily able to imagine the setting and characters in the story due to the author’s masterful use of descriptive language.

Also book does not contain harsh language so the readers who are offended by that can go for this book.



The book is engaging from the first page and since it’s a simple story that doesn’t take much pages for scene setting and all it makes all the way easier to read the book in one go. 

It’s just a great read particularly for those who are not very much hardcore readers and slowly take time to complete the book because of the fact that you can put it down and pick it up later and not lose much of what the book is about. I would highly recommend this book to all the readers as it is a refreshing and entertaining read and for starters detective Chapman won’t hurt your head!

Ratings:- 4.3/5.0

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