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How is it going Book Bugs..Hope you are having a good time reading.The year 2018 has been a good start for with our comeback for you..Recently we posted a review on a story , a practical one that teaches how wrong choices can really impact your whole life..

Here is a link to that one:- Going The Wrong Path

Ok now let’s talk about this new one..This story is something more creative and as we read it, we found how the author has put his thoughts in developing the scenes with simple language..

Are you ready..Here it comes..Hope you enjoy reading..Presenting before you..The Evening Tide..


Author: Jeremy Forsyth

No Of Pages: 71

Brief Summary Of the Book

An evening tide by Jeremy Forsyth invites the readers to a mysterious world of elves.

The sun elves inhabit an island along with other families, the winds and stars. Although the sun elves form the majority of the population, they are deprived of major political and administrative roles leaving them impoverished and dispossessed of any real power. The wind family rules the island with utmost authority without opposition ,but it is prophesied that one day the sun family will rise high amidst moon and stars.

The Evening Tide

Asharal Evening , the brave and finest warrior in the island believes that the grief and endless nights in poverty spent by the sun elves is the result of the injustices done by the winds.

Asharal who was once a seasoned warrior in the wind army before being stabbed in the back by the Father (leader of the island) is resolute in his believe that one day the prophecy will prove right. If there is any person who could challenge the wind family it is him, who is carefully planning to dispose of the ruling family.

A lady named Dawn is madly in love with Asharal and every time she looks at him she is mesmerized by the raw charm and aura of Asharal, their relationship does not go down well with Dawn’s parents as they believes that Asharal will not accept their daughter for what she and instead try to be domineering.

Asharal is young, ambitions and moreover indomitable, he has made it his mission to see the uprising of the sun elves and since the winds have discovered the eternal pool of immortality the time is not his ally and he needs to take timely action before it’s too late


The book was gripping and entertaining right from the word go. The opening chapter itself in which there was mention of the immortality part and the prophecy was a signal indicating the the possible turn of events in the subsequent chapters. Below we try to explain the various facets of the book…


The plot is well in order from a reader’s perspective. Throughout the whole book we would say there wasn’t a single instance where weren’t  lost in between the scenes. One thing interesting is the build-up of the plot with past and present sequences in alternate chapters to create wonderful storytelling. The book though not much big in volume promises a lot of substance, an intriguing plot enough to keep you hooked to each line and probably can make you go through the text once more to understand the story more clearly. So, the author Jeremy Forsyth wants you to enjoy the dessert slowly. The plot is unpredictable, there were sequences where one could guess the way the book will go from there but soon there was something else, always changing and never constant. One thing we loved about the book was its unexpectedness. You really have no idea what’s going to happen next and that what adds up to the thrill.


The characters are well defined and there were moments we wanted to reach through the pages and shake some sense into Dawn (or Dawn on wards you can say). It’s so easy to judge flawed, vulnerable people if you haven’t walked in their shoes, but we felt nothing but sympathy for her in the end since she was love-struck. Also for the lead character Asharal many sides of his personality was indicated with detail and description thus it became easy to create a mental image of the person in your head which made the story more interesting.


The language is simple and easy to understand. The language as mentioned being easy and not decorated with show of vocabulary increases the readability of the text, and especially in countries like India where English is a second language this factor is really important.


We would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking forward to a stint with fantasy books.The book being not too long with a magnetic plot will keep you interested and with a kind of genre fantasy is you can never get enough of it with every new author starts a new journey…

On the other hand from our side, we actually wanted to read more of this story and wished to continue further. Since the text got so interesting in the end a little elaboration of certain segments of the story like more on Asharal and Dawn would have been icing on cake.

Our Ratings:- 4.4/5

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