Our Review On The Fantasy Fiction “I Was A Teenage Weredeer”

I Was A Teenage Weredeer


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Not often do we come across books that takes me down the supernatural route, stirring the imagination and thought process. Also for House of Review, this is the first fantasy book we are reviewing. In the book I was a teenage weredeer’ the authors C.T Phipps and Michael Suttkus bring us a great story to feed on.

Victoria O’Henry, daughter of Marcus O’Henry of the powerful O’Henry clan is murdered and Jeremy who was dating Victoria at the time was immediately taken in as the prime suspect. Jane Doe, Jeremy’s sister is a weredeer, yes you probably have guessed it right a shapeshifter who can change between a human and a deer, confident that her brother is not guilty stands up for her brother and decides that she will get to the end of this case she is also backed by agent Alex Timmons of FBI’s supernatural division, the government official sent in to investigate the case and her best friend Emma O’Henry.

Initially Lucien Lyons is suspected to be involved as he is the local crime boss and a powerful person, but later on Lucien Lyons is cleared and he decides to help Jane and team with the case. Things take a steep turn when two more people Courtney Ann Waters and Thomas Hart are found murdered (Wait … That was unexpected), now it becomes clear that Victoria’s murder is not a simple hate crime but something even more complicated…

On digging deeper, involving risking their lives several times, here comes the magic and supernatural part in case you have been missing it, it is uncovered, not too easily though but through uncovering of past secrets and lies that no human nor any shapeshifter but a spirit, yeah you read it right, a dark spirit of a big wolf inhabiting the dark woods is possessing people and through them taking its revenge ….

So now, Jane who would have never thought that things will get such ugly in the end must stand strong physically, emotionally and mentally to face an enemy which is powerful, motivated in his purpose and of course cannot be seen.


We really liked the way in which in which a simple plot which initially seemed like a normal fantasy murder mystery, packed a punch in the end. The build-up of the plot was really great, since the murder of Victoria O’Henry was introduced in the first chapter itself, we had our fingers crossed and were really hoping that this book should not be another dragged-up, run of the mill fantasy but proving my doubts wrong the book’s storyline contained numerous twists and surprises, unravelling past secrets of characters especially with the case of Jane’s mother Judy and Lucien Lyons which really was instrumental in keeping the reader glued to the book till the end.

Also, the story was unique and original, true to the fact that it is a fantasy. The narrative was easy to understand and well-organized, the characters were well introduced and their roles in the plot was immaculately explained. Writing style is easy to follow and unornamented thus saving the readers from the burden of carrying a Dictionary with them.

Also, there are frequent doses of humor in the book and especially worthy of mentioning is Jane and her witty one-liners which tickle you and on many occasions freshen you up. The book contains none of the violence and foul language, thus readers especially teenagers for whom language can be a region of concern will enjoy the book.

What we see in a lot of books is that they set up their own rules and introduce a completely new concept of magic theories which kind of ends up complicating the plot and the readers find the story blurry and lose interest somewhere in the middle of the road, fortunately in this book the authors have taken care of that by explaining the supernatural part with utmost care and clarity.

At last with a well-organized narrative, intriguing storyline and good humor to feed your soul there is not much to complain. If you are a reader who loves reading a supernatural fantasy, then I’m sure this cocktail of fantasy, mystery, and adventure is what you have been looking for.

At last for us, we can’t really resist our urge to get our hands on the second part of the Bright Falls Mystery series ‘An American Weredeer in Michigan”. After reading the first book my expectations from the authors is high and trust in them deepened, We wish loads of success to the authors C.T Phipps and Michael Suttkus and hope that they keep on entertaining us such books in the future.


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  1. Linda Thomsen

    Nice rounded review. As someone who reads and writes fantasy a review like this is very helpful. It sounds like it could be a great YA book and though its not my preferred category, this has definitely made me interested in the book and I would probably recommend it to others.

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