Our Review On The Story Of A Legend Called Ravana:Asura




The story of Ravana and his people

AUTHOR – Anand Neelakantan

GENRE – Fiction / Epic

PAGES – 504


With the festive season round the corner the streets become more colorful and the entire country is tinged in the colors of celebrations and devotion, resonating with energy and enthusiasm of children and adults alike. With all the celebrations the stories of Ramayana, which signifies the victory of good over evil are buzzing in the air. Anand Neelakantan has brought his

In the book ASURA: The tale of the vanquished, the author takes a contrary route and tells this classic old epic that has been told innumerable times in the past from the perspective of the conquered side the Asuras, with two parallel accounts one from their emperor Ravana (also a part narrator in the book) the glorious and just king who was determined to curb meaningless rituals and sacrifices and put an end to the menace of his race, giving detailed accounts of all the events that shaped his character and also valour and determination to look danger in the eye and fight for the upliftment of the oppressed and also most importantly his justifications for the things he did.

The other is by Bhadra, a lowly Asura who is invisible powerless and negligible in front of big names and seasoned warriors like Rama and Ravana. People like Bhadra the poorest and most neglected followed their young and ambitious leader Ravana with glitter of hope in their eyes believing that a better life awaits for them.

So read this amazing book and hear the voices of the vanquished Asuras which had been silenced throughout the history.


What we really liked about this book is that the author has not tried to glorify Ravana and his side but instead explained the reasons that led to his demise too and through Bhadra a common man explained that the wars are only for the rich and the powerful so that they increase their wealth and kingdom whereas the poor suffer equally under Rama and Ravana.

Also, the book has covered in detail Ravana’s early days before being an emperor and the start of the war which includes the days spent of hunger and poverty, being disowned by their own father when they needed his love the most for being a low caste at a very tender age when they didn’t even what caste was and all the events that made a young and ambitious Asura boy fight for the glory and upliftment of his race.

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