Our Review On Bongo Fury

Presenting Before Our Readers A Review On The Irish Thriller Fiction Bongo Fury


The story begins with its lead character Jimmy Black, a rugged middle aged man of Irish descent who owns a music shop in Bangor(Northen Ireland) named Bongo Fury.

As Jim tries to continue with his normal life by managing his shop,things begin to stir a bit when one of his friends Big Stevie shows up and asks for a favour to him for settlement of matters with a bar owner Davy to whom he owed.

Being a good companion , Jim steps in as a problem solver and tries to negotiate with Davy and walks away with a feeling of assurance for his friend.

But he fails to realise the depth of the matter and the links associated with it.

What next?? Well the matter shows up its true colours to Jimmy.

Bongo Fury (Courtesy Simo Maltman)

To his surprise one day he finds the lock of his shop broken by two unknown men.

Without taking a second thought , Jimmy beats them up and makes them speak. After they have spoken,he realises that situation of his friend is in deep trouble with a mafia gang and that he has pulled himself into the pit along the way too.

Amid concerns regarding his family’s security he tries to keep it a secret and tries to resolve the mess by taking help from acquaintances

Next up, he decides to take the help of his long lost elder brother Leo,who tries to talk with mafia boss with a deal.The brothers execute Davy and put an end to the matter.

So they do what the gang leader wanted and fix up Davy.

Does That Mean Everything Is Over?

No man.

This is from where the second part begins….

After a couple of years when the news of a serial killer roaming in the town , killing people makes Jimmy recall all those events,especially when he finds that Stevie has been killed by him.

More things get unravelled when two police officers ask him to find out who the killer is in order to avoid being arrested.

As he talks to one of his old pals Brian and patches up with his elder brother, a very different picture of the whole connection with mafia and all shows up,when he finds that all the way along he had been unaware of the fact that the killer is very close to him only.

Who is He??

Find out by reading this entire thrilling and entertaining book

Guess what action lovers you will love it.Honestly


What we really liked in the book  Bongo Fury is that in a short plot of approximately 100 pages divided in two parts ,the author has successfully incorporated a thrilling plot, great adrenaline pumping fist and trigger action, characters to fall in love with and a twist in the end, thus combining every essential element of  a good crime fiction novel and making this novel worthy of a read.

Also, there are not many characters in the book thus acknowledging the fact that the book is short the author doesn’t try to make the story a character salad which happens most of the time and the author’s which do that accomplish nothing but make the text blurry and confusing and fortunately this is not the case with the book Bongo Fury.

The language is simple, clear and easily understood even with the authors Irish decent reflected through the writing it is easy for the readers to follow and understand the text.

The story contains some rough words which is understood as they were necessary to reflect the mood of the characters and the story.

The way in which the character of Jimmy evolves through the book, as a tough man from Northern Ireland who works hard running a music shop and earning a decent life for his family just like any normal person and how one chance encounter with his old mate Stevie makes his peaceful life chaotic and suddenly people start ending up dead including the boss of the local crime syndicate makes the story and the characters seem real.

We would highly recommend this book to anyone who plans on reading a good crime fiction book with characters quick on the trigger and also if you are new to reading books and plan on reading one but every time you do make an effort, you turn away seeing the big bulky books and somehow in the middle you quit reading it as it seems like a burden to you, if you fall under this category then the book is fit to serve your purpose.


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