Our Review On:Family Wisdom From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The book Family Wisdom seeks to assist parents to help their children develop leadership qualities and to enrich their lives by identifying the meaning of true happiness with the help of a story.


Brief Summary Of The Book

Name of the book:Family Wisdom

Author: Robin Sharma

No. Of Pages: 196


The story details how an incident:an airplane crash, makes a woman named Catherine Cruz, an ambitious businesswoman lost in the race of achieving success realize that the most important people in her life, whom she had been neglecting for years for the sake of work are her family members.Amid regrets for not giving enough time to her children and husband ,she decides to change herself,but has no clue where to start.


        PIC:The Book Family Wisdom

Suddenly a monk shows up at the hospital who happens to be her elder brother and the famous trial lawyer Julian Mantle from ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ and narrates his journey to the Himalayas to meet the sages of Sivana(a place deep within the mountains) to seek insight towards life.The core part of the book begins when he shares his wisdom(The Five Masteries Of a Family Leader) with his sister.In these masteries he has described about the importance of leadership,how are relationships in a family influenced with behavior of a leader along with some guidance tips to direct the children into a bright and happy future.

What We liked About The Book

One thing to be certain with is that this book is touching and entertaining as you read it.The book contains many instances quoted to throw light on spots where the parents go wrong when it comes to building a strong bond of relationship with their children and why it matters the most.

We liked how the author has used a story to deliver a message that the little things in life people often ignore by thinking that they are unimportant are actually the ones that add value and meaning to our lives.

Another notable feature this book is that it contains so many thoughts of great leaders,politicians,artists,philosophers and authors in almost every page of the book.But that is not the only thing.The way in which they have been connected with the story makes it easy to apprehend the masteries which the monk has narrated throughout the book.However some portion might look a bit philosophical and over weighed to some readers as few of the thoughts are sort of biblical.


For those who want to learn something about getting along well with their families and get rid of all those personal issues that are hovering around ,this book is a motivator that can help them understand some basic things that influence relations between them and their families.In the end we feel that the book can have some practical examples of family issues ,to help one visualize such scenarios in their own lives and make them think about acting upon such dilemmas.


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