Thank you readers for having a look at our review policy. At house of review we believe that learning and improving is a dynamic process, so keeping this philosophy in mind we constantly work hard to improve with each of our review taking into consideration your opinions too.

  • Our reviews reflect our own personal opinions on the book, and every third person may or may not agree with us
  • We accept and consider your opinions for any book of your choice for a review, but its onus lies totally with us whether we finally review it or not.
  • NOTE: For Publishers and Authors

i.) We will not except self published books or those books that are available only as e-books.

  1. ii) A request to include the following in your emails when sending:-

-Title and author name of the book you would like us to review.

-Cover Image for using in the book review.

-A short excerpt from your book (upto 120 words).

-Any links you think we might find helpful

Let us know if you would be open to giveaway and this won’t change or response.

  • .We follow a numeric rating system where grading is from 1-5.
  • We always interpret the book from author’s perspective so that the readers get the true sense of the book.
  • Our reviews will include:


  • Book name
  • Author’s name
  • A short synopsis: It will include a brief description of the novel including its main characters as it is in the text in not more than 500 words. We prefer keeping things short, crisp and complete to prevent unnecessary straining of eyes.
  • What we specifically liked in the book: It is totally subjective to our opinion. We really appreciate your views on the book too which you are free to give in the comment section
  • What we didn’t like: Again, it’s subjective to our opinion.


We really appreciate your patience in taking time and reading our policy to the end, if you have any queries and if you want any clarification on any point you are welcome to contact at

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