Our Review On The Ruskin Bond Classic Maharani

We Bring You An Amazing Story From A Ruskin Bond Classic “Maharani”

Every Child Knows About Ruskin Bond(Our Favourite Rusty’s Creator),An Author With A Heart Of A Child (You Can See It In His Writings Very Well) Who Brings Out Magical Words That Excite The Minds Of Children All Across India.We Present Before A Review Of A Ruskin Bond Classic “Maharani”.



PAGES – 180


Ruskin Bond is known for his poignant and heart-touching stories which reflect the social life and condition of the people of the hills where he spent a major part of his life and his romance with the hills is felt in his books.

Below is a brief summary of A Ruskin Bond Classic Maharani brought to you by us.

In the book Maharani the author takes us down his memory lane and recalls accounts of his days spent with his old friend H.H., the spoilt outspoken and carefree widow of the Maharaja of Mastipur.

The Maharani lives with her dogs and caretaker Hans along with her good for nothing spoilt sons Karan and Kartik, who are only after their mother’s inheritance and were raised by their nun sister Clarissa, whose identity remains a mystery throughout the greater part of the book and in the end her identity revealed too comes out as a shocker.

The book is centric on the character of Neena (or H.H.), her frequent love stints and casual relationships especially with a Bolivian diplomat Ricardo Montalban and also her habit of binge drinking and living too much for the day. In the end, from changing homes to political scenarios.Also in the book ahead , a secret character is revealed.

She turns out to be Mata Hari(Know more about her from our review on another from her story)

This humorous book of recounting tales is surely a delight to read.


We really liked the book for its poignancy and descriptive completeness. Ruskin Bond has this amazing quality in his books to create a magic, a connection between the readers and its characters.

A reason for this is that most of his stories are about the people he has actually encountered with in his life, thus the emotions expressed by the author blends perfectly with the sequence of events in the story.

The character of Maharani as it is gradually revealed in the book through her youth and teenage years and till the last of her few day alive keeps the readers hungry to know more about her.

Also, the occasional humor in the ruskin bond classic maharani many of the rendezvous between the author and H.H. tickles the readers and makes the book even more engaging.

This single book covers a lot of themes ranging from love, friendship and youth and gives the readers a message that time is the ultimate player and with it everything changes even our youth and radiance. The charm of the book will surely take you flying back in time.

Before reading Maharani, I was under the impression that most of Ruskin Bond’s books were for children of the age group 14-18 and not ideally suited for adults, this book has for sure changed our perception.

Already ordered two more books!!!


This book maharani is indeed a pocket sized delight, I would highly recommend this book to all those who are looking to break the monotony of usual large volume books and are looking for a poignant refreshing book and also to the ones who have not read many books and find it very difficult to read a book till the last page for them this book is a wonderful option.

RATING – 4/5

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