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Chaser On The Rocks

Let’s Chase With Our Review On Chaser On The Rocks

Hello readers..Hope you are having a great time reading,well,to be honest, who doesn’t wanna be a BooK BuG..Its so exciting..Just ...
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The Evening Tide

Our Review On The Evening Tide

How is it going Book Bugs..Hope you are having a good time reading.The year 2018 has been a good start ...
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Going The Wrong Path

The House Is Back With A Review On Going The Wrong Path

THE HOUSE BRINGS YOU:A Review On Going The Wrong Path What’s up book bugs.Its been a quite a period for ...
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I Was A Teenage Weredeer.img

Our Review On The Fantasy Fiction “I Was A Teenage Weredeer”

I Was A Teenage Weredeer SUMMARY Not often do we come across books that takes me down the supernatural route, ...
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The Asura:Vanquished Legend Ravana

Our Review On The Story Of A Legend Called Ravana:Asura

ASURA: THE TALE OF THE VANQUISHED LEGEND RAVANA The story of Ravana and his people AUTHOR – Anand Neelakantan GENRE ...
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Bongo Fury (Courtesy Simo Maltman)

Our Review On Bongo Fury

Presenting Before Our Readers A Review On The Irish Thriller Fiction Bongo Fury The story begins with its lead character ...
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A Ruskin Bond Classic Maharani Image

Our Review On The Ruskin Bond Classic Maharani

We Bring You An Amazing Story From A Ruskin Bond Classic “Maharani” Every Child Knows About Ruskin Bond(Our Favourite Rusty’s ...
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The Spy Image


Another work by Paulo Coelho that details a murder mystery and narrates the whole story of an exotic dancer notorious ...
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Our Review On:Family Wisdom From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The book Family Wisdom seeks to assist parents to help their children develop leadership qualities and to enrich their lives ...
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David Baldacci Zero Day

Zero Day:Introducing Special Agent John Puller -By David Baldacci

Presenting A Review On David Baldacci’s Zero Day David Baldacci is an author who requires no introduction, having published more ...
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Palace-Of -Illusions

The Palace Of Illusions

The following book encapsulates the perspective of panchala princess DRAUPADI on the life of a woman during the period of ...
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Get Smart:How To Think And Act Like The Most Successful And Highest People In Every Field

Why is that only a few people are able to make it to the top and the rest are left ...
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