The House Is Back With A Review On Going The Wrong Path

THE HOUSE BRINGS YOU:A Review On Going The Wrong Path

What’s up book bugs.Its been a quite a period for us as we were busy with our personal lives and other tasks at hand due to which for the last 2 or 3 months ,we were inactive..

But no worries…Coz we are back.

And this year we have decided to review with more depth,with a better pattern to let you know everything a reader seeks in a book,but most of the times they are not highlighted in detail..

As a resolution of 2018,the house was renovated with a new format to make your reading experience unforgettable…Ready..Lets roll in…

Here is a book that we finished just a few weeks ago.And it teaches a very valuable lesson,especially meant for the young people and adolescents….

We hope that you enjoy reading this review.All the comments and feedbacks will appreciated….

Author: Arthur Weismann

No Of Pages:480

Going The Wrong Path

Brief Summary Of the Book

An African family named Botelho decides to shift to the land of opportunities USA, with a hope to realize the American Dream to enrich their lives.The two boys of the family Silvio being the older one and Antonio being the shy younger brother, both excited to see a new life in a new country.Things seem to be fine as they keep on progressing at the school in academics and sports, play with new friends and live well with their family.However, their fate decides to take them far away from the normal life as Silvio decides to get involved in drug dealing for making good money with his classmate Grady.With the death of Mr. and Mrs, Botelho, little Antonio has no choice but to live with his brother and Grady, who force him to negotiate deals for them.Will Antonio end up as a dead boy or rotting in the prison. Will he able to pursue his dreams and live happily with his friends..What will this path lead him into..Find out more by grabbing a copy today…


Now let us get down to the real part..How is this book..Worth reading?..A good one?..Well,we say the following regarding this one..

a.) PLOT :- Now for those who like giants with big weapons,fairies with cute faces or any other fictional characters like those in the thriller novels, this book is not going to give you that upon reading…Its a story that is very practical and it is based upon a real life scenario that is major concern in ceratin nations related with the younger generation..

It reflects the problem by our young generation of teenagers..How they get distracted by such harmful substances, flashy things that distract them ..Now let’s be honest.In the period of adolescence,boys and girls go through hormonal changes inside their body..They are energetic..Their minds are fresh..They learn much faster than a man in his 30s or 40s..Many say that the habits learnt at this stage last for the rest of the life and a thing once learned here, becomes difficult to get rid off in the later stages of life.

That is what message this story conveys to the readers..Silvio and Grady being young,filled with enthusiasm,ready to climb any obstacle with energy lose their focus from the right track and end up choosing the one which they thought is exciting as the rewards, the loads of cash,the parties, the fun, all with no hard work made them stick with it.

As you go along in the story, the situation slowly worsens for Antonio as they get involved more in criminal activities and ask him join them . Poor Antonio being very young and confused also gives up to his brother’s drug delivery demands to just have a roof over the head and some food in the belly.

Also this book has described every single day with scenes ,so one can say that it is somewhat similar to a crime series serial where everyday is one episode starting with a guy going school as usual, doing an illegal business in between the scene with some twists and turns in the middle.For enjoying this book like that, you will have to read it slowly with patience and then you will get a feeling like that…

b.) CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT:- This is a story that involves mostly teenagers and young people in their 20s. As from what we read in the book, we would like to comment on the main character. “Antonio”.Just like any teenager, he is a normal( a bit shy) school going boy who aims to do good in class and gain scholarships.Also he has a big heart which is always ready to help others without any second thoughts.

But one thing , which we would say he lacks is confidence and courage to take decisions and upto an extent it is normal for any boy of his age.In this age of where minds are in the developmental stage, everything seems ok and it is really hard to judge things.However we think that when it comes to choose between finding a suitable alternative for living normally and taking the path you know will have lethal consequences, you should pick the latter and we think most of you agree with that.

..Instead, he gives up and not only that, he sticks with it..Though he had a thought of leaving,but  with that indecisiveness in his nature ,he could not do so..No offense here.Sometimes one has to think to do something if situations start making you think of death and prison..

c.) LANGUAGE :- This book is written in pretty simple language.The sentences are mostly written in direct speech.One can easily read around 50 to 70 pages per day,but it may vary from reader to reader as people like us take time to get the core elements in a book due to which we do not go beyond 30 per day.


Now the most important part. What we think after all..

Well this book is something that every teenager should read to get some good lessons for life through a story.Remember as we said ,this is a very crucial period for learning and no doubt this story can be a part of the essentials that are required to teach these young minds.A point that we would like to convey to author from our side is that the story could have been a bit more thrilling with some detective or cops getting involved in this with the boys or a character in against or the main character becoming a protagonist..Just something that we feel would have added to the book and made it a thriller like the famous five..But no doubt, the author has put the scenes in a ordered manner with simple words which makes it easily understandable..Our best wishes to him

Ratings: 3.9/5

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