The Ladder To Success Lies Deep Inside Your Mind

The Ladder To Success Lies Deep Inside Your Mind

There is something in this world that is craved by every working individual in different fields across the globe.

It is Success.

The human life itself begins with competition and as a result of that we take birth on the planet Earth. From there onwards we adapt to survive and as we grow up, this game of survival of the fittest continues as man competes for things like good grades in school and colleges, best jobs,high salary,a big house, a happy family life and a good guarantee future for the generations ahead.

This is something that most us do in everyday life, in order to climb to the top and grab the title of Successful which lies there

Astonishingly, only a few manage to get that.

Hmmm…Now this is where it gets interesting.

When all are doing the same, then why only a few reap the fruits of success.

This is exactly why this article is written, to reveal some of the secrets or fundamental truth behind the success in life of any individual…

And guess what..

It lies within you.You do not need to be anyone else who is successful..You as yourself can climb the ladder to reach to the top..As a matter of fact, the image of this ladder is required to be visualized  to get there..The term ladder is used to denote a path and this article covers the aspects to help one find his/her ladder in life as everyone is not destined for the same..

Ladder To Success( Courtesy :Aneta Anova)

Here are the four elements presented to help you find your own ladder.

All of these elements put together will make you realize the dreams you have in mind.

So why wait..Let us dive in and find these elements that can aid you find some answers related to  your ladder to success in life..

First Element: The Single Most Powerful Tool You Have

We humans are segregated from all the other life forms that walk on the face because of an incredible powerhouse that lies between our ears.

The Brain

The well known Nobel Laureate in the field of Genetics and Molecular Biologist James D Watson put it this way

“The brain is… the most complex thing we have yet discovered in our universe. It contains hundreds of billions of cells interlinked through trillions of connections. The brain boggles the mind.”

This is the instrument that has helped humanity to reach the heights today, which was unimaginable in the past.It grants us the power to interpret what we observe and produce an appropriate reaction to it.  Researchers have said that it currently operates at about 2% of its total potential.

Ladder To Success (vlad-tchompalov)

Just Imagine!!

With this same 2% only our world got the likes of Jack Ma,Steve Jobs,Richard Branson, Elon Musk and many other incredibly successful figures who made big time fortunes by utilizing it this potential. Surprisingly, only 1%  of the people manage to achieve this kind of success, even though they had the same amount of potential when they started out with their ventures, nothing magical or special.

But the problem is that most of us do not even realize this fact.“Why is that so?”.

The answer to this may hurt a little bit.

But since we are discussing about the path to success , so it is necessary for one to know his strengths and weaknesses as well to develop a better picture of ladder of success you want to find.

There is a certain tendency by nature in most of the people.They try to counter the things by making excuses, putting forward points like “Everyone is that way, so am I”or blaming others for your condition..

But does that help one find the ladder we are talking about.


It only leaves one at the point where you were standing.You do not move a step ahead.This is because whenever it comes to the hard part of it to get there, it is opposed with a voice that speaks louder than that of the conscious mind.The voice of sub consciousness..

So the take here is to remember that you have nothing less than anybody and that with same potential you can achieve heights beyond your wildest dreams..

Moving on, now you know that there is no question of ability.But only having that energy within and simply keeping that in your powerhouse’s storage is not going to get you there.You need to know how to utilize it as well.

Considering the concept of machine

Just like having too much input energy is of no use, unless it produces some suitable output.There are so many losses as this energy goes through a channel. For getting the maximum possible output,it is necessary to have a system that works without bearing any losses and to do this we need to understand the processes that work behind this system.

So with this, there comes a part where one needs to understand the How or How to do it..

And that is subject of thinking…

In the next section,I have explained the importance of thinking and the way in which it contributes to a man’s success and failure.

Second Element: We Become What We Think About

The line above was given by famous motivational speaker of the world war period Earl Nightingale. He quoted it as the “Strangest Secret In The World” because of the fact that most people failed to realize that success is related to how one thinks.

As said in the previous section that everyone has the same capacity when it comes to the brain and everyone is equal, so now to get ahead of the crowd one will need to understand what success means to him or her.The meaning of success varies from one individual to another.

Ladder to Success(erik-sandybaev)

For one it may be just becoming a taxi driver, while for other it will be becoming a successful entrepreneur.There is nothing wrong with having any kind of goal,unless it is harmful for the humanity or nature.But to realize it,one needs to be very clear of his and her desires.

The person is required to question the mind to develop a clarity regarding his desires.It is very important to know what is the thing only you as person want,irrespective of the opinions of your family members,friends and other people as the life belongs to you and therefore it is your responsibility to take control of it.

You will hear thousands of recommendations from those who surround you.It is not that they are saying wrong.They care for you in actual,which is why give options to you.But as mentioned in the last lines of the previous paragraph,you are the master so thou shall take the decision.

So this is the right moment now for self interrogation. Ask yourselves.

What is that you want the most ?

What is your one desire for which you ready to sacrifice your comfort for ? How badly you want it?

How you look yourself as successful?What does that version of yours look like?

What does your heart say when you are working on your dream?Does it agree or disagree?

What makes you think that you will be satisfied for life on achieving it?

Answer these critical questions.Dig deep down into mind,where one separates every other thoughts that come to the mind and focuses on the one single thought related to the thing he/she wants the most.

Researches say that our mind generates about 70,000 thoughts a day on an average ,but most of them are just mere repetitions of the words you hear,the dreams you had or images of anything you saw while you were awake.In this huge sea of thoughts,it is your job to direct your focus on the single most important one responsible for shaping your life.

Now a second question that comes here is

Is that enough?.

Does realizing your wants make you work towards it.No doubt ,it gives a clear vision and motivation,but still many fail to work towards it even after this.

This is where comes the “Why” of these wants,which is necessary if to continuously work towards your desire.Ready to know this”Why”.Here it is.

Third Element: Give It Reasons As A Support

Now you know what is that you want the most in your life and must be impatient to start working towards it, isn’t it.

The toughest part of the journey towards your goal is the work.It requires concentration, patience ,courage and a strong will to move on after encountering failures.

Now here is a  example.

Suppose there is a person named Max. He wants to be a successful salesman and he is clear with his thoughts on this. So with this, he starts his career as salesman.In the first week,he seemed very excited and  works day in and day out for hours, trying to sell to the public for making commissions, listening to different responses by visiting every customer and coming back home late in the night.He continues to the same job for months.But with every passing month,the excitement in his mind fades away.Soon the same task looks like something being done forcefully just to get his belly filled.Now every morning he wakes up a tired and dull face,unwilling to go out there and sell,but does so just to earn.The sudden change in his attitude makes him lose customers.The conversations with his clients become shorter and uninteresting,resulting in a rejection from their side.By the end of the year ,he gives up to frustration and decides to quit.Stress and anxiety haunt him for weeks until he finally decides to seek consultation from a psychiatrist.

What might have gone wrong?

Everything was running smooth for a certain period and then the time makes tables turn around in against.

The answer to the question is the heading itself.

As in max’s case,he had a desire and it made him push himself to climb the ladder to success.But the desire lacked something which made him loose the sparkle in his eyes.

A “Why” or a solid legitimate reason.

It had no support, due to which the desire lost its meaningfulness to the mind.

Just like a coating of zinc prevents the iron from rusting, the reason acts in the same way to prevent that desire from fading in the mind and keeps it alive for as one continues the journey towards success.

Ladder To Success (ken-treloar)

One cannot simply keep up with the  shortcomings and failures that hinder his/her path to success,unless there is a very strong reason backing up the wants.It helps one to climb back up after falling back a few steps in the ladder as it reminds what is he/she here for and what made him/her choose this path.

So,with this comes another set of questions that one must ask with the what and add some more meaning to it?

Why is this desire so important to me?What will it produce as a consequence if I accomplish it for me and my family?

Why should I continue even after failing again and again?

What are the real reasons behind my decision of choosing to go after desires?Why should I care?

Why this desire of mine is bigger than the opinions I hear from people around me?

Why should I constantly keep learning in order to grow?

Ask these to yourself.Do not be shy of self talking.Even murmuring these question in a corner is okay,if it is about your wants.After all,the life is yours and you are the captain,so talk with the mind.Make it throw out the reasons that make this desire so important for you.

And it can be many reasons.Even 100 or 1000.

The more you draw out of the mind ,the more you consolidate your the thought of the desire or the “What Does You Want”..

It is a personal exercise and only you can do it.You may look for some ways to do it.But take the initiative and start now, as there is nothing such as there is nothing as auspicious time when it comes to think on things with life.

Best will be, that you put them down on a piece of paper and stick on the wall of a place where you can easily see it every morning when you get up .In this way,with the starting of every new day,your mind will be able to recall those points and it will help you stay on the track.

By doing these things you also get one extra bonus.

A source of motivation

You can derive motivation from the answers you give to the questions when you read them.

If you feel that by reading the answers out loud makes it reach to your heart, then do not hesitate,go for it.

Now remains one thing,which is as important as the previous two points.This thing works when failure in your life lasts for a very long time and continues to comeback with every single new attempt.

As Edison said in context to the no.of attempts he made in inventing the incandescent light bulb“I have constructed three thousand different theories in connection with the electric light, each one of them reasonable and apparently to be true.”And a result of that,we have the General Electric today.

So what was it that did not make him to give up after failing repeatedly for so many years.

Let’s see this last element.

Fourth Element:Believe And You Can Conquer Anything

The last thing is to know that  “It Is Possible”.There are times ,when one feels that he/she is completely squeezed by a dark cloud of  impossibility. With every lightning strike (failure) ,the mind  becomes weaker and weaker and it can make a person to succumb and take harmful decisions in extreme cases of mental torment.

Ladder To Success (sydney-rae)

This is why this last element is the most important.Actually it is something that binds all the other elements and they are dependent on this.

Many people like Howard Schultz(Owner Of Starbucks) who witnessed poverty in their childhood days,had a desire and a reason to get out of their conditions.But being surrounded by so many naysayers and people constantly trying to pull their legs,their journey became tougher.Sometimes you are required to deal to with harshest mental and physical tortures like Oprah Winfrey on the way to success.

So to keep the What and Why alive,you need a catalyst to do so.And it is known as Belief and the verbal form of it is Believing..

This is the fuel that keeps that constant flame of desire and reason burning inside your mind.

In the Bible it is written in Mark 9:23 “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.This statement is the strongest evidence in the world to support the fact the degree of possibility is proportional to the degree of believing and the same gets reflected while you work.If one believes strongly in achieving the dream he/she want, the results get the person one step over…

Consider this case

Even if you enter the days of seniority with failure still haunting over you,rendering you alone and homeless like late Col.Sanders(Founder KFC),this is the fire whose heat keeps you warm and makes to work on and on until you break up to death.

You will face tough times ,no doubt.But if  you have instruments of strong belief to hold you from falling, then like some of the olympic runners who have no legs, you will run to the finish..

These instruments can be sentences or phrases like

I Will Never Give Up( Most Common)

“I Know I am doing bad at the moment.But the scenarios could have been worse and I have not fallen down and I know I won’t”.

“I did many things to make it work but not everything, so still there are chances.I should look up my ways.”

So know your desire, know your why and believe strongly in yourself to cast off all the negative thoughts and opinions that strike your mind whenever you are met with failure..

With this ,we give you the four fundamental elements that one must keep in mind from this article to climb the ladder to success and achieve your goals.

Good luck and enjoy the journey…

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